Dining in Melbourne

Restaurants with Private dining rooms

Dining in Melbourne

At Melbourne Hotels With Private Dining Rooms, you’ll find 10 of the best International Restaurants With Private Dining Rooms available to you! Whether you’re looking for an exclusive private space ideal for hosting corporate parties or simply fancier or more casual places for eating, site connection immediately get you linked with the best Asian cuisine, Indian food and French cuisine. We serve up fabulous cuisine from around the world and have the experience to create something special for every one of our customers. Whether it’s fine dining, wild seafood or family-style inspired cooking, there is something on offer at all Australian hotels with private dining rooms.

Billed as one of the best restaurants in the country for its mouthwatering street foods, Sarvana Bhavan promises a unique dining experience in this historic city. Offering exotic Thai, Indian and Chinese dishes, Sarvana Bhavan claims it has the most tantalisingly fresh Thai food to be found anywhere in the world. The restaurant boasts a wonderful array of international beers on tap, and a world-class wine selection. This gastropub in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs also boasts a fine collection of wines on offer from some of the best vineyards in Australia and serves some of the best burgers in the country. With so much to choose from, it’s no wonder Sarvana Bhavan is rated one of the best restaurants in Australia.

Located in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, Indian Food & Restaurant has quickly become a popular choice for visitors, who appreciate delicious street food with a broader palette. With an extensive list of Indian delicacies and cocktails on offer, guests are assured a fantastic dining room, while enjoying the most authentic Indian fare on the planet. It also boasts a small but cozy courtyard where guests can enjoy a gourmet lunch or dinner, with street parking available.

A must-visit for foodies who enjoy exploring new eateries, La Trattoria is housed in an old-fashioned terrace that overlooks the Yarra River. With a warm atmosphere, La Trattoria boasts private dining rooms, bar and lounge, and wine cellar. Popular dishes include seafood pizzas, seafood paella and Moroccan bites with rice. La Trattoria also serves guests with some of the most delicious seafood they can find, which comes complete with aromatic kebabs and traditional Moroccan desserts. The restaurant also boasts some of Melbourne’s best Indian food, with delicious panjabi samosas on offer.

If you love ethnic cuisines, then you’ll love The Bridge Inn, which has been named one of Melbourne’s best restaurants by Trip Advisor. The Bridge Inn boasts three restaurants in total, and hosts numerous private dinners each week. The private dinners are hosted by a team of Australian chefs, who serve only the freshest ingredients and produce. The food is of excellent quality and it pays to dine at The Bridge Inn when you’re in Melbourne. You will be treated to the wonderful local atmosphere and the personal attention that the staff provide. Their passion for food makes dining at The Bridge Inn a special experience; the atmosphere is perfect for romantic dinners, business meetings or festivals.

If you want to enjoy your meals with family and friends while enjoying some breathtaking views of the city, then you must dine at The Bridge Restaurant on the Yarra River. The restaurant is located at Flinders Street, close to the Melbourne Zoo, so you will be able to see Melbourne’s beautiful skyline at every meal. The private dining rooms are designed so that you can relax and enjoy a captivating view of the city and the dishes are prepared by world-class chefs.