Explore Indispensable Types of Private Dining Venues in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most popular cities in the world. The city is famous for its tropical weather, delicious food, shopping and night life. To get an insight into what Singapore is all about, you need to check out our exclusive Singapore dining guide, which offers tips on how to choose the best restaurant for your taste buds and budget. A country of global residents, and the capital’s largest city, Singapore enjoys a wide range of cuisines, from regional Thai, Chinese, Indian, Italian and French dishes to seafood and international fare. From the hawker centres to high end restaurants and cafes, Singapore is an exciting place for foodies.

Types of private dining venues

Indian cuisine: Singaporean western seafood steak fine dining restaurants. The city boasts of a large number of Indian immigrants who have made their home here. Since these immigrants came here as merchants looking for better trade opportunities, they brought their entire culinary traditions with them – including their unique food recipes. From south Indian dosas and samosas to rasam, patty, stir fry and curries, you can enjoy many different types of Indian delicacies in Singapore.

Chinese cuisines: Whether it’s dim sum at one of the country’s most hip hangouts like Koffy Road or pork belly kebab at Big M and the ever-popular Mokara on Orchard Road, you can be sure that you won’t be disappointed by the variety of Chinese foods available to you in Singapore. If you’re a lover of Cantonese music and dim sum, you’re in for a treat too as you can try out the world-famous char kway teo and more. If you are looking for authentic Chinese cuisine, you will find more than enough Chinese restaurants around town to satisfy your taste buds. Some popular Chinese eateries you can check out include the Bo Bae restaurant at the Central Business District and the Xintang Restaurant at the Marina Bay Sands. For its authentic chinese cuisine, explore inflight dining options on singapore hotels with a trip to Singapore’s Chinatown

International cuisine: The city is home to some of the best chefs in the world, so if you are looking for an authentic Indian or Chinese dish, you will be spoiled for choice. Some popular international dishes include Moti Mahal, biryanis and pachadi. For its international delights, visit Indian cultural events in Singapore’s Marina Beach as it showcases Indian festivals like Onam and Diwali. If you’re craving Chinese food, the best place to go for Chinese delicacies is the elusive Yeehaw Kitchen at the north end of the Singapore River. Apart from these, the International Food & Wine Festival in June is the best time for you to sample not only local delights but international delicacies too.

Seafood lovers can have a gourmet cruise vacation in Singapore’s East Coast, where the locals are renowned for their fresh seafood. Some of the popular Singapore Seafood eateries include Lao Thai, Nasi Kandar, Tinah and Singlish Food Street. And for those who are in search of some authentic Chinese cuisines, head to the Chinatown area where you will be greeted with a sweet treat. Some of the most popular Chinese cuisines you can enjoy here include Man Choy, Bak chi chicken and Duck tofu, all of which are made with fresh vegetables

If you are looking for some international cuisines to try, the best place to do so is the New World Hotel Singapore. The New World Hotel is renowned for its international cuisines and you will find many restaurants here that specialize in international cuisine. In fact, many hotels and other accommodation establishments in Singapore offer cuisines and dishes that can not be found anywhere else in the world. There are some very famous international cuisines that you can explore on your Singapore tour, which include the likes of Vietnamese pho and Fried rice.