Hotel With Private Dining Rooms in Venice, Italy

At Melbourne Hotels With Private Dining Rooms, you’ll discover 10 of Australia’s Best Italian Restaurants with Private dining rooms, instantly! If you’re searching for a quiet, intimate, private space perfect for entertaining or mere friendly places to eat site connect immediately with one of our Melbourne Hotels with private dining rooms. Whether it’s your wedding reception, business meeting, romantic get together or social function you can depend on us for all your international restaurant requirements. Our expert team of professionals will be at your service and ready to make arrangements for you.

Restaurants with Private Dining Rooms

From Sunday to Friday, from Monday to Wednesday and from Thursday to Saturday, our experienced and friendly chefs serve up Italian dishes that will leave your taste buds spinning. And if it’s our weekend special, why not plan an intimate celebration with some wine and cheese, pasta and salad or even a family feast – we’ve got it all! With our outstanding food, fabulous wines and an extensive menu to suit any occasion, you’ll never be tired in our italian restaurants with private dining rooms. Our friendly staff and trained chefs are ready to serve you.

If it’s a corporate event, conference or training program you’re thinking of having at our italian restaurants with private dining rooms, our guest relations team is ready to help! Our facilities are equipped with meeting rooms, boardrooms and meeting rooms for business meetings, conventions, training programs and conferences. Our state-of-the-art business center offers modern meeting rooms, conference centers and meeting rooms to suit your needs. If it’s a personal event, a family get-together or a social function, we have it all! We provide comfortable and beautifully decorated conference rooms and meeting rooms.

For an authentic Italian experience, choose from our wide variety of traditional and contemporary Italian dishes. You will find an amazing selection of pasta dishes from the north, including spaghetti and lasagna, Cannelloni alla Milanese, Lasagna nella Milanese and Sanagna alla Milanese. For appetizers, try our delicious pizzas, pastas and grilled dishes. The most popular pizza dishes include the traditional tomato and basil pizza, marinara pizza and the traditional meatballs in olive oil. The most delicious pasta dishes are the fresh penne pasta, the sopressata alfredo and the delicious linguine della Manghia. For deserts, let us help you choose from our huge collection of passion fruit desserts, including the traditional dudas, tiramisu and chocolate mousse.

Our professional waiters and chefs will cater to your every need. With so many options to choose from, it’s no wonder that these hotels with conference rooms are among the most popular spots in Italy. The extensive collection of fine dinning options will leave your guests pleased and ready for more. From local favorites like the bianco which is made from veal and chicken, to Spago’s traditional New York Style cheesecake and tiramisu, to the scrumptious Spago La Corticella, Pizzelle and tiramisu, there is a tantalizing range of delicacies that will leave your guests begging for more. Most of these restaurants have also become popular worldwide, so you will be sure to find the one that suits your taste and budget perfectly.

Hotels with conference rooms are now offering a complete range of international dishes to meet the needs of international diners. Guests will have an unending array of exotic delicacies to choose from when dining at one of the best Italian restaurants in Venice, including the caviar earthenware and the creamy garlic bread. In the Covid-19 update, we have also introduced the savory Cava con lechon, which will delight even the pickiest of diners. The newly designed carts offer guests with a new and innovative way to enjoy their favorite Italian meals. These changes were introduced to ensure that our guests enjoy and love their experience while dining at a hotel with private dining.