Private Dining Rooms In NYC

Private Dining Rooms

Private Dining Rooms In NYC

Whether you’re planning an extravagant company event, a private celebratory dinner or simply want to have an intimate meal for two, these Manhattan-based eateries serve some of the best private dining rooms in New York. The Midtown Manhattan restaurant serves an elevated take on classic Greek food with hand-crafted cocktails and Greek wines to complement the delicious dishes. Guests are treated to the wonderful sights of Central Park while enjoying a five-minute break from the hearty buffet. The New York restaurant promises a satisfying meal to satisfy all palates.

The penthouse at the Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan is a perfect spot for intimate dinners and receptions. The restaurant is committed to making every guest feel welcome, whether they’re in the main dining room or a corner table. With vaulted ceilings and hand-carved wood throughout, the room offers an elegant setting for entertaining guests. The hotel features a state of the art fine restaurant that offers casual seafood fare and award winning cuisine. Guests enjoy a seven-course menu during their stay, along with complimentary beverages and international music.

Pleasure Foods is located in Gramercy Park at the Ritz-Carlton. The restaurant is known for its flavorful dishes and has been named one of the top five restaurants in America by Trip Advisor. Guests can come to this elegant dining spot for a romantic evening. The private dining rooms are ideal for large events and parties and are conveniently located near the main conference center. The private dining rooms feature exquisite views of the river and The Ritz Carlton. Guests are greeted by a warm welcome and are soon ushered into a warm, intimate gathering.

The Kitchen is a full-service restaurant that specializes in casual, fast food fare. The private dining rooms are perfect for hosting a party or gathering. The large private dining room is decorated with muted natural colors and accents. The restaurant offers an extensive wine list and a variety of entrees that can be made ahead of time or on the spot. Guests have the opportunity to make their own reservations or purchase their favorite meal. The restaurant serves breakfast daily and offers special dinners on occasion.

Bistro M Cafe is a stylish rooftop lounge in the Ritz Carlton. The private dining rooms are ideal for hosting a private event or meeting and offer sweeping views of Central Park. The spacious environment encourages comfortable conversation and provides a wonderful place for networking with colleagues or friends. The private dining rooms are also available for private events and parties.

Spago is a popular New York hotel that offers five-star amenities in a stylish atmosphere. The private dining rooms feature elegant China and carefully selected wines. The restaurant provides an extensive menu that features a variety of appetizers and specialty dishes. Guests have the opportunity to purchase any entrees that they wish to try during their stay and receive a complimentary glass of wine upon exiting the restaurant.

The Hilton New York Palace is another luxury hotel that offers private dining rooms for select occasions. Guests can enjoy the fine quality food that is offered at this restaurant. The Hilton New York offers a number of entrees on their dinner menu including chicken entrees, prime rib, and California Pizza Kitchen. The private dining rooms are perfect for hosting a special event and allow guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery that is located near Central Park.

The Westin Peachtree Hotel New York offers elegant, plush, private dining rooms for their guests. The dining rooms are perfect for entertaining and have the ultimate level of comfort and elegance. The Westin’s main dining room offers delicious meals that are prepared by the world’s finest chefs. Each meal contains the best seasonal ingredients and is served to you by the best wait staff in the industry. Guests can relax in the cozy atmosphere and enjoy the fine quality food that is offered at this hotel.