Singapore Dining – For the Ultimate Taste

Capella International Dining & Entertainment offer many types of private dining and entertainment venues that can make your next event extraordinary and memorable. Whether it is a small gathering of family and friends or an intimate wedding celebration, you will find a great venue to suit your needs. Here are just five of the wonderful experiences you will never forget when dining at one of their fabulous Singapore restaurants.

The Guggenheim Museum in New York City offers diners world class food and fine dining experience. Dinner at the Museum Cafe is a romantic experience and allows you to dine amongst original works of art and rare artifacts from around the world. The Museum Cafe offers diners world class food and fine dining options at reasonable rates. The museum is part of the expansion plan of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Explore inflight dining options from world-renowned restaurants of Singapore, and discover how a country of global residents, sipping traditional Indian food, we take pride in our cuisine.

A few steps away from the world-class dining experience is the Marina Bay Sands. Heading to the sands can be a pleasant experience for all age groups. The hawker center at Jalan Burnay offers some of the best Asian food. Singapore’s international reputation for its delicious food cannot be undermined.

For a taste of international cuisine, head to Raffles Hotel Singapore. This hotel is renowned for its gourmet delicacies and international-style atmosphere. Raffles Hotel is located in the middle of the Singapore River. Take in a leisurely float over the Singapore River from its pool and enjoy Singapore’s natural beauty as you sip some international fine wines. Singapore’s national dish, a Singaporean favourite, is dim sum made with rice, meat and oysters.

Dining at a posh Singapore hotel can be quite rewarding. Dinner at one of the many posh hotels around the island is sure to please with fine dining, interesting history and modern ambiance. Singapore is a fascinating place, and the ultimate Singapore dining guide with exclusive dining deals. From traditional dishes to surprising delights, the island is a delicious journey through taste.

The dishes at the Raffles Hotel are tantalisingly scrumptious. But if you don’t like Chinese food, there are other wonderful Asian options. The buffet at the Safari Park offers exotic vegetarian dishes and international-style buffet buffets. There are also Singaporean specialties to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. With more than two thousand guests and dinner selections to sample, the Safari Park is an unforgettable Singapore dining experience.