Types of Private Dining Rooms Available

Do you have any preference for two types of private dining venues continental or Indian? If your answer to the second question is no then you must have some good ideas on different kinds of private dining facilities suitable for corporate occasions. Indian cuisine is among the most favourite choices of many individuals in New York City. There are so many options when it comes to international cuisine like French, Japanese, and Mexican food. The exotic Indian cuisine has recently grown in popularity in America. You can opt for Punjabi, Bengali, and even Indian fusion food if you want a taste of a different kind of cuisine.

Types of private dining venues

When you are looking out for Indian cuisines, you should know that there are mainly three different types of Indian cuisine. These three different types of Indian cuisines include North Indian cuisine, South Indian cuisine and Central Indian cuisine. North Indian cuisine primarily consists of ingredients like rice, coconut, spinach, beans and lentil. This kind of Indian food is considered one of the best international cuisines in America because of its mild spicy and rich gravy based dishes.

When you are looking out for South Indian cuisine, you should know that it is predominantly located in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh states. There are several regions in India where this kind of food is consumed like Bengal, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. In these regions, people add more spices and less vegetables to the recipes. When it comes to Central Indian cuisine, it is mainly composed of ingredients like tomatoes, potatoes, rice and the popular butter chicken. It is believed that this kind of Indian food started thousands of years back during the ancient days. It has been said that these foods were consumed by ancient Indian kings and queens.

The third variety of Indian cuisine is the famous Coconut recipe which is also known as the South Indian cuisine. The main ingredients that are commonly used in this dish are Coconut, turmeric, fresh ginger and a lot of fresh coriander leaves. The taste of this South Indian cuisine is mild, spicy and also a little bit nutty. This is considered as the best exotic cuisine of all time because of its unique blend of spices and fresh herbs. The mango and the papaya are very popular ingredients of this famous south Indian dish. This South Indian cuisine is also famous for being healthy as it contains a large amount of fibers and carbohydrates.

However, before going to a restaurant to enjoy your favorite South Indian food, it is important for you to determine the best restaurant that specializes in serving this kind of food. Some of the best restaurants will not only offer a variety of menus but also have their own chefs who serve the food on an exclusive level. The Chettinad cuisine has a special place in the hearts of people in India. The dishes served here are best served with the delicious rice data which is prepared to use chick peas, golden rice and plain yogurt.

These are some types of personal dining rooms that are available in different styles and types. You can also find various types of private dining rooms in different shapes and sizes. Therefore, the type of room that you will choose depends on your preference. There are some people who prefer the types of private dining rooms that are designed as modern. There are others who prefer the traditional types of rooms where people use clay pots to cook food.