Types of Private Dining Venues in Singapore

When it comes to world famous or renowned restaurants, there are two broad categories of Indian private dining venues. These are the Indian restaurants and French restaurants. Most popular Indian cuisines are Murg Tandoori, Spicy North Indian dishes and the likes. Indian cuisines have spread across the globe like fire. From south Indian states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, the popularity of Indian cuisines have taken deep roots.

Singapore restaurants, which have won several awards over the years are the favorites of the food lover who has tasted their exquisite food and drinks. If you too have tried these exquisite dishes and drinks that remind him of Singapore, then this should be one of the places you must visit while in Singapore. Singapore is known for its wide range of cuisines, eateries and specialty eateries. If you are a food lover who loves variety in his meals then this country is the right destination for you.

French restaurant is also one of the best Singapore restaurants that serve international gastronomy and international cuisine. If you are looking to experience international gastronomy and international cuisine in Singapore, then you can find some of the best French restaurants in Singapore which serve delicious traditional French delicacies and international dishes like sushi, Chinese, Thai, Italian, Japanese, and even International fare from selected European countries like France, Spain, Italy, and Germany. Some of the best French restaurants are Le Smoking, Le Burger Brasserie, Le Burger de Provence, L’oiseaux, Rambour, L’Orient, and many more.

A Singaporean’s delight is hardly surprising with a range of International flavors like Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian cuisines. The city’s spicy tuna salad is a favourite among locals and visitors alike. And the hawker centres and street hawkers also provide some of the freshest seafood. Local hawker food is a range of diversely prepared dishes prepared by hawkers in a lanai or a small hawker stall. Amongst the popular local dishes are the Bamboo shoots Prawns, Char Kway Teow, Chili Crab, Satay, Fried Catfish, Beef Rice, and Duck Rice.

If you want to have some international cuisines on your dining list, then you can find some of the best Asian restaurants in Singapore. Besides the well-known Chinese and Indian eateries, there are many other delicacies from the South East Asia available here. The flavoursome seafood dumplings from Phuket are an all time favorite, and the Satay is cooked deliciously by a number of hawker centres here. The other popular international culinary offerings include Indonesian delicacies, Japanese sushi, Middle Eastern delights, Thai delicacies, and Chinese cuisines. A number of Chinese eateries offer sumptuous banquet menus, which will amaze even the most discerning diners.

For the more adventurous types, Singapore has several options for fine dining restaurants as well as international cuisine. There are restaurants catering to the elite clientele as well as restaurants providing exotic, local cuisines. And if you are looking for something extra special and different, then there are night cafes and karaoke bars that are frequented by tourists as well as locals. While some tourists may find night cafes and karaoke bars boring, there are Singaporeans who love these places. So whether you want to go out to an exclusive five-star restaurant or to a karaoke bar, you will not be disappointed.